Chicago Divorce and Separation Attorney

Chicago divorce and separation attorney Jan Kowalski provides comprehensive family law services for Chicago area residents facing a legal separation or divorce. Learn why it’s critical to hire a divorce and separation attorney rather than represent yourself, and how Attorney Kowalski can help.

Chicago Divorce and Separation Attorney Services

Attorney Kowalski maintains a law office in Chicago, and sees clients from Chicago and Cook County. Family law matters the attorney handles include divorce agreements, separation agreements, child support, child custody, spousal support, and modification of existing agreements.

Attorney Kowalski offers family law packages that allow family law clients to purchase only the legal services you need. Packages allow clients to purchase a Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage, Uncontested Divorce With/Without Children, or Parentage Proceedings. Additional legal services can added on to the family law packages at an hourly rate to reflect your needs.

Family law matters can be expensive to litigate, so the honesty and transparency the Chicago Area Divorce and Separation attorney offers in this area is refreshing.

Whether you wish to settle the family law matter peaceably and move forward, or cannot agree and need to litigate, Attorney Kowalski can provide the legal and emotional support you need during this difficult time.

Get Help From a Chicago Area Divorce and Separation Attorney

Every divorce and separation is different, yet many cases share commonalities. An attorney who has experience litigating divorce cases can walk you through potential scenarios and outcomes, so you understand the options on the table. You can then select the best option and move forward with confidence that you are doing the right thing to protect your interests and the interests of your children.

A spousal separation is a draining emotional experience, and there is no way that you can fight for your best interests during this time. It is critical to have an attorney who can explain everything so you understand it and fight for your interests during the divorce and separation proceeding. Attorney Kowalski is your ally from the initial divorce filing to the final separation.

Whether you are getting divorced or wish to modify an existing agreement, get help from an attorney who can protect your best interests. Speak with Attorney Kowalski about your legal matter and get advice in a free new client consult. To reserve your consult, call the attorney today at 773-696-9698.

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