Chicago Appeals Attorney

It can be emotionally frustrating when a legal matter is decided against you. Failing to win your case can leave you rethinking your approach. Too many times, a poorly qualified attorney is a factor in losing your case, so it becomes necessary to hire a new legal team for the appeal. Get help from a Chicago appeals attorney who is passionate about taking appeals for clients in need of justice and never stops fighting for you.

Practice Area

Attorney Jan Kowalski maintains a law office on W. Cermak Road in Chicago, and travels throughout the Cook County area on behalf of appeals clients. Anyone in the Chicagoland area who lost their original legal case and wants to hire a new attorney for the appeal is invited to call Attorney Kowalski.

Attorney Kowalski offers a unique flat fee schedule for legal representation. This can decrease some of the uncertainty associated with hiring a Chicago appeals attorney. When you contract for Chicago area appeals attorney representation, Attorney Kowalski will review your case, work with you and any witnesses, and prepare you for the appeal. During every phase of the appeal, the attorney will aggressively litigate, fight for your rights, and shield you from the emotional burden of the appeal.

How a Chicago Appeals Attorney Can Help You

Even if you lost the original case, you may still be able to reverse the outcome through a successful appeal of the verdict. The best way to increase your odds of a successful appeal is to hire an attorney who has a track record of successful appeals. Attorney Kowalski is one such Chicago appeals attorney, who has helped countless clients go on to victory.

Attorney Kowalski has experience representing clients in courtroom battles and negotiating on behalf of clients. Let the attorney prepare you to give testimony on the stand or in a deposition, find trustworthy experts who can corroborate your claims, and work to protect your rights using every tool the law offers. By selecting a skilled attorney who never gives up, you can increase your likelihood of reversing the unsatisfactory verdict and finding success in the appeals process.

Attorney Kowalski offers new clients a free consultation to discuss their circumstances and find out how the attorney can help with an appeal. To reserve a free consultation with an appeals attorney in Chicago and Cook County, call 773-696-9698.

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