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Flat Fee Legal Services

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Jan offers a number of flat fee unbundled legal services. Unbundled legal services typically involve assistance in drafting and filing the necessary documents allowing you to represent yourself in or out of court OR assistance in appearing in court or preparing for their own court appearance or deposition. It remains the client’s sole responsibility to handle all other aspects of the client’s representation that are not included within the limited scope representation, including filing other documents, meeting deadlines and making appearances in open court and at depositions.


  • $750 Standard Business Formation Package Includes:
    • Advice on the Selection of your Business Entity
    • Assistance Filing your Articles of Incorporation
    • Drafting your Bylaws or Partnership Agreement
    • Obtaining your Employer Identification Number from the IRS
    • Obtaining State and City Business Licenses
  • Other Business services:
    • $150 Filing Annual Report
    • $150 Filing Change of Agent
    • $200 Annually For Registered Agent Services

Estate Planning

  • $500 Drafting of Simple Will
  • $200 Drafting of Living Will

Family Law – Domestic Relations – Divorce and Parentage

  • $200 Parentage Proceedings (Includes):
    • Drafting Petition for the Determination of a Parent Child Relationship
    • Drafting of Summons for Same
    • Drafting Order determining Parentage
  • $200 Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (Includes):
    • Drafting Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
    • Drafting the Affidavit
    • Drafting the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage
  • $500 Uncontested Divorce Without Children (Includes:)
    • Drafting of Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
    • Drafting of Summons For Dissolution of Marriage
    • Drafting Domestic Relations Cover Sheet
    • Drafting State Statistical Sheet
    • Guidance on Securing Jurisdiction
    • Guidance on Financial Disclosures
    • Drafting Marital Settlement Agreement
    • Drafting Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage
    • Drafting Court Reporter Sheet
    • Drafting Prove up Sheet
    • Filing papers
  • $750 Uncontested Divorce With Children (Includes Uncontested Divorce Above, Plus:)
    • Drafting Allocation Parenting Plan
    • Drafting Allocation Judgment of Parental Responsibilities
    • Drafting Uniform Support Order
  • Variable Retainer and Hourly Rates For Contested Divorces
    • $300 Drafting of Prenuptial Agreement
    • $300 Name Change for Minor
    • $300 Deposition Attendance
    • $39 Family Advice Session
    • $39 Preparation for Testifying at Trial/Deposition
  • Related Areas of Practice (Request A Quote)
    • Drafting Motions
    • Child Custody Guidance
    • Child Support Guidance
    • Court decorum guidance
    • Court appearance instruction

Municipal Violations – Chicago Municipal Code Ordinance Violations

  • $149 per court appearance (corporations must be represented by counsel).

Real Estate

  • $39 Real estate advice session
  • $149 Draft/Review Residential lease agreement
  • $149 Review Real Estate Contract
  • $50 Preparing the appropriate Termination Notice (5-Day, 10-Day, 30-Day);
  • $500 Evictions – Forcible Entry and Detainer
    • Reviewing the Lease and any other relevant documents, records & notices;
    • Preparing the appropriate Termination Notice (5-Day, 10-Day, 30-Day);
    • Ensuring that the Termination Notice is properly served, in accordance with current case law and statutory requirements;
    • Drafting the Complaint and Summons;
    • Filing the Complaint and Summons with the Clerk of the Court and Sheriff;
    • Ensuring that service of the Complaint and Summons have been completed by the Sheriff or, otherwise, taking the necessary steps to serve by a licensed Special Process Server or by Publication (Sheriff’s Posting);
    • Preparing for and attending Court hearings with all the necessary documents, notices and records
    • Meeting with and negotiating a possible settlement with the tenant which would be beneficial to the Landlord in timing and/or limiting exposure to any potential liability.
    • In cases where settlement cannot be reached, preparing for Trial and obtaining an Order for Possession (i.e. Eviction Order) and money Judgment for unpaid rent and court costs;
    • Filing the Order for Possession with the Sheriff for enforcement;
  • $400 Residential Real Estate Closings (Single Family Homes/Condominiums):
    • Review the terms of the sale contract and disclosures and propose modifications as necessary
    • Negotiate/Prepare official notice of issues covered under contract contingencies (e.g. inspection, attorney review, modification, pre-closing possession)
    • Ensure that all pre-closing documents are secured (e.g. water certificates, title search, survey, zoning and flood certificates)
    • Review/Advice relating to mortgage issues
    • Preparing/reviewing closing documents including deed, closing statement, HUD- 1/RESPA, bill of sale, transfer tax declarations, etc.
    • Attend closing
    • Secure return of earnest money or the exercise of a contingency designed to terminate the contract

Foreclosure Defense

  • Related Areas of Practice (Request A Quote)
    • Quiet Title Actions
    • Slander of Title Actions
    • Declaratory Judgment Actions
    • Partition Actions
    • Property Manager Representation

Additional Flat Fees

The above is a list of standard unbundled legal services offered at flat fees. Ultimately, Jan’s limited scope engagement agreement will dictate the services you purchase. If your particular problem is not on the above list and you suspect a flat fee would be appropriate, please request a quote.

Hourly Fee Legal Services

Unfortunately, many legal matters do not lend themselves to an accurate estimation of the time and money required for their resolution. Expenses related to making an appearance in a case, litigation, discovery, and office actions can be particularly hard to estimate. As a consequence, legal services are available at an hourly rate exclusive of costs and fees, with complex cases requiring an initial retainer.

Because Jan is a solo practitioner in Pilsen, Chicago, she operates with minimal overhead, and she can provide services at prices most firms can’t match. Our business is based on providing a better product at a reasonable price.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Clients pay all out-of-pocket costs as they are incurred. These out-of-pocket costs are not included in the flat fees quoted above. Costs are payments to the Sheriff, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Special Process Servers, Publication, Court Reporters, and any other payment necessary which is not paid as a fee to the lawyer. Out-of-pocket costs associated with legal services vary dramatically, from a couple hundred dollars to file a case to millions in discovery for a class action lawsuit. Typical costs and fees include: filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition fees, witness fees, jury fees, court reporter fees, investigative fees, photographs, document copy fees, electronic research fees, etc.

In cases that go to trial, most costs are associated with discovery; whether that is through depositions, expert witness fees, or private investigators. A simple trial can often run into the thousands of dollars in discovery costs alone.

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