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Real estate work

Jan is a great lawyer. I seen her sign as I was driving and I made a quick stop. I had an issue with a condo association and she handle it great. Her price was very reasonable. She will fight for your rights…

- (5 star review)

Highly recommended attorney

I was fortunate to come by Jan Kowalski at the outset of my divorce. Jan’s professionalism, empathy, and trustworthiness were reassuring throughout the most difficult chapter of my life. I was comforted by her honesty, integrity and steadfast commitment to my case. Jan aggressively defended my interests, and I was constantly impressed by her understanding of divorce law. Throughout my divorce, I had absolute confidence in her abilities. I highly recommend Jan.

- (5 star review)

Quick-witted, trustworthy and genuine

I hired Jan to represent me in a horrific post-decree case that another lawyer botched in domestic relations court. We have won virtually every motion of significance and are finally headed (cross my fingers) toward a resolution. I have spent a lot of time with Jan — in court, in her office and on the phone. She is smart, very easy to talk to and above all trustworthy. She’s quick-witted and persuasive in court and has never once come unprepared (unusual in my experience). She’ll tell you what she thinks, legally speaking, but she won’t try to force a bad settlement down your throat. She’s surprisingly honest. I say “surprisingly” because I have been disgusted by and afraid of the other divorce lawyers I met and hired, both when I got divorced years ago and now in this post-decree case. I would have given up if I hadn’t found Jan. I actually think she is as determined as I am to resolve my case fairly, even if I can’t pay her a fortune. I hired Jan because she had good experience working for a big-time divorce firm, with famous clients. She hasn’t disappointed me in that respect. But over time, it’s her character that I have come to appreciate most. I am not someone who writes online reviews, by the way — just wanted to get the information out there for someone else who has a problem and may not know where to turn.

- (5 star review)

Jan’s the best! She’s tough. She tells it like it is. She stuck with me though I can’t afford to pay her.

Jan represented me in securing 2 Orders of Protection against my stalking husband. Now, she’s representing me on my Petition for Maintenance. She’s great at explaining to me what’s going on in real words that make sense – not some fancy lawyer talk I don’t understand. She always – and I mean always – returns my calls – if not within a few minutes then definitely that morning or afternoon. She has stuck with me even though I can’t afford to pay her. She’s trying to get my ex to pay her fees. I trust her.

- (5 star review)

Jan Kowalski

Jan was very informative and took the time to listen to all that I had to say. She provided good advice and clearly was interested in the best resolution for me (not just billing hours). It was a pleasure working with Jan and would be very comfortable working with her again.

- (5 star review)

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