Jan Kowalski

In the Chicago and Cook County areas of Illinois, people facing difficult legal issues get the advice, consul and representation they need from Chicago Attorney Jan Kowalski. Licensed for 9 years, Attorney Kowalski has helped hundreds of clients find satisfactory solutions to unique personal and family legal problems, including divorce and separation, real estate and appeals.

Chicago Attorney Jan Kowalski

Obtaining positive results for her clients is always the goal when Chicago Attorney Jan Kowalski is on the job. Her methods include combining traditional litigation style with collaborative law mediation, which is a winning combination. This also saves her clients time and money, but also lessens overall aggravation within the situations they face.

A compassionate legal professional, Jan offers a free 60 minute consultation and installment payment plans that make the process affordable and less stressful. She speaks both English and Spanish, and works diligently on behalf of each person she serves to create individualized legal strategies to resolve a broad range of issues.

Education & Experience

A seasoned litigator and compassionate parent, Attorney Jan Kowalski understands how families can struggle under the weight of difficult legal matters. Her educational background includes studying at the John Marshall Law School, in Chicago, which provided her the technical knowledge needed to become a successful attorney. She earned her Juris Doctor Law Degree there in 1992, after previously earning her BA Degree in Psychology at the University of Illinois, in 1987.

Jan Kowalski was first licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2007, and participates in several industry organizations. She is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. She also holds membership in the Chicago Advocates Society, the Appellate Lawyers Association and she is on the Family Law and Practice Committee of the DuPage County Bar Association.

Chicago Legal Services

At her Chicago, IL, law office, Attorney Jan Kowalski provides complete legal services, including mediation, for the following areas of concern:

  • Divorce & Separation – Many clients want to get the best results from ending their legal relationship through divorce and separation; others reach amicable reconciliation.
  • Real Estate – Buy/Sell/Lease agreements, Landlord/Tenant disputes and other issues that involve real estate transactions. Find positive answers to complex issues that involve contracts and financial agreements.
  • Appeals – The second chance to resolve disputes involves appeals. Don’t settle for less than you deserve; appeals are often a workable option to consider.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve; reach for success now. Contact the law office of Jan Kowalski, in Chicago, IL. Call her now, at: 773-696-9698.

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