Unbundled Legal Fees

“Unbundled” or unbundling means you hire Jan to handle only specific tasks, such as preparing the court documents or entering a limited appearance, and then you handle parts of the case on your own to save money.

Take the Uncertainty Out of Dealing with a Lawyer with Fair and Flexible Legal Fees

Jan offers clients flexible, flat-fee pricing options for a broad range of legal services. From fixed-fee projects to hybrid hourly/flat-fee options to traditional hourly fee, Jan will work with to ensure greater affordability, efficiency, and transparency in our billing practices.

Jan understands the need to be flexible with legal fees for clients. Instead of billing by the hour or minute, Jan negotiates flat-fee projects in advance. Her flat-fee legal fees will be based on the specific legal issues involved.

Transparent Billing Practices

No surprises! Because Jan offers flat-fee, clients do not have to worry about receiving a massive legal bill at the conclusion of the matter.

Flat Fees for Certain Legal Services

In today’s economic climate, clients are increasingly looking for ways to curb costs of their legal services and to reduce uncertainty of legal fees. Flat-fee arrangements for legal services that promise both certainty and the reduction of costs are an attractive alternative to an hourly fee arrangement.

Flat Fees for Certain Business Services

Larger companies are lucky. Just by walking down the hall or picking up the phone (without fear of the cost), they have an attorney that they can turn to whenever they have a legal question that comes up. Start-up businesses and smaller companies don’t have this luxury.
In the start-up phases, new business clients generally do not want to spend much money research and legal explanations. New business owners just want their Corporation incorporated or Limited Liability Company organized, so the business can quickly launch their new idea, product or service.

Flat Fees for Certain Family Services

Jan offers flat fee pricing on many dissolution of marriage and parentage services.

Flat Fees for Certain Municipal Ticket Services

Jan offers flat fee pricing on tasks associated with handling municipal City of Chicago Notice of Violations.

Contact Jan to Discuss Your Legal Needs

Please contact Jan to discuss your legal needs. If you contact Jan via email, she will respond within 24 hours (or one business day). If you would like to schedule a meeting in person to discuss your legal needs, Jan will schedule the most convenient time available for you. Our law office is located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood with convenient access to the Dan Ryan, Edens/Kennedy and Stevenson expressways. Initial meetings are generally provided free of charge and there is no obligation to hire our law firm. Again, most legal matters will be handled on a fixed-fee or flat-fee basis.

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