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Divorce and Separation, Real Estate, and Appeals are the primary legal services provided at the law office of Chicago Attorney Jan Kowalski. For 9 years, people from Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, have been helped by this compassionate legal professional as they faced tough legal matters.

After earning her Juris Doctor Law Degree from Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, in 1992, Jan Kowalski began a career devoted to helping others with that excellent education. She is a seasoned litigator, committed to providing quality traditional and collaborative legal services at affordable pricing.

Chicago Attorney Services

The primary focus of legal services provided by Attorney Jan Kowalski are in the areas of Family Law, specifically Divorce and Separation, and in Real Estate and Appeals. A devoted parent, she also understands the depth of emotion and impact that these legal issues have upon all members of a family unit. Licensed to practice law in Illinois since 2007, Jan welcomes new clients and offers a free 60 minute consultation to discuss your concerns.

Divorce and Separation

Many people who experience difficulties in their relationships need legal advice, consul and representation to achieve their goals for resolution of those problems. For many, Divorce is an expected outcome. For others, Separation is a method that best meets the needs of a family unit. There are many complex issues to resolve when a relationship is changing. Having this experienced attorney help you sort through these matters is the best first step towards peace and resolution.

Real estate

Fortune smiles on people who make proper real estate investments, but there also are many legal issues to address when you are buying, selling, leasing or renting properties. Make sure your contracts, agreements and other documents are valid, so your investments in and usage of property is beneficial to your interests. Disputes can be a setback, but we know how to fight for your rights and to help you obtain the results you want.


Another legal option that can bring good results is the appeals process. If you have been denied benefits, ruled against in a lawsuit, or have other areas that could be improved by making an appeal, our work is dedicated to helping you attain the positive outcome you desire through an appeal of a prior decision or conviction.

We have answers for your legal dilemmas and are ready to stand up for your rights and freedoms. Get the individualized legal solutions you need today, so you can again move forward in life. Contact the law office of Jan Kowalski, in Chicago, IL. Call her now, at: 773-696-9698.

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